My work as a psychotherapist and mediator is based not only on years of professional experience and education, but on the wisdom of life experience gained through joyful (and at times stressful) roles as a mother, wife, artist, corporate change leader, astrologer, teacher and peacemaker. These experiences have been critical in helping me relate deeply and authentically, to a wide range of personal and relationship challenges. I have traveled extensively and hold appreciation for different cultural, spiritual, familial and environmental backgrounds.

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Psychotherapist.  I am a licensed clinical social worker (LMSW) with a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA). As a psychotherapist, I have had years of experience working with adolescents, adults and couples treating a variety of mental illnesses. My toolkit includes cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based stress-reduction, structural family systems therapy and conflict resolution. In addition, I have completed advanced level Gottman Method training to better focus on relationship issues - at work and at home.

Mediator. I have always been interested in conflict: how it arises and especially how it resolves. I have over 25 years of experience in conflict resolution in a variety of settings.  In workplace settings, I have improved teamwork and productivity among co-workers and between supervisors and their employees by conducting training in conflict resolution and communication skills, as well as through facilitative mediation between two coworkers who could not get along.  I have held positions of leadership and consulted at every level of organization: from the C-suite to the shop floor.  In addition, I completed the Michigan state court administrative office (SCAO) requirements for both civil and domestic mediation (2013), and served as a volunteer mediator for the Resolutions Services Center (Lansing, MI) and the Community Resolution Center (Saginaw, MI).