I married a musician and all of my kids are performing and actively writing musicians. I am musical myself (although I don’t perform). I know what it takes to support live and breathe this life, and the strain it puts on a partnership.


There is the traveling, the hours, the inevitable fans at all levels of success. When there is such a drive to create, combined with the stresses of performing and such strong external support for the ego, it is sometimes hard to bring the vulnerability that is needed into the relationship.  Boundaries can be hard to protect.


In several roles working with a Fortune 100 company, I was an internal consultant supporting the highest level of leadership.  I understand the pressures of running a multi-national business within a highly matrixed organizational structure.

I held roles of global leadership and conducted highly sought after training on building essential partnerships on 5 continents.


My commitment is to sit with leaders, understand their stresses and build the kind of resilience they need to achieve both their professional and personal goals.  Oftentimes, we work on alignment between the two.

Team Encouragement
Laser Cutting


It often surprises many of my clients to learn that I know the basics of how to run an injection molding machine.  I’m familiar with the manufacturing process, the high pressure for output & productivity, and the difficulties of managing emotions and stress in such an environment.  Those difficulties inevitably spill over into personal lives. 


Many clients have remarked that it is refreshing to work with someone who has the inside view of their worklives.