I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified civil and domestic mediator with a passion for helping you resolve conflicts and distress in your life. My guess is - your distress has something to do with relationships, whether they are formal, committed, family or professional. I believe that if we have healthy hearts, we have healthy heads - and vice versa.

I combine my expertise, clinical education and years of leadership development and corporate training to bring harmony and vitality to you, your workplace and your most important relationships. Besides the hours we sleep, the hours we spend each day in relationships with others – at home or at work – makes up most of our life experience.  Make them good ones.

The types of people I am well suited to help are those who are motivated toward healthier personal development, clients interested in creating stronger marriages or interpersonal connections, women in destructive relationships, men whose anger gets the better of them, and anyone dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition, I love calling on my years of experience in the industrial manufacturing world to improve relationships at work: leading workplace conflict resolution and conducting interventions that improve teamwork and interdepartmental effectiveness.

I welcome inquiries about counseling, workplace issues and dispute resolution services.

616 | 326-1074

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